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Sailing in the Aegean Sea
Best choice for an unforgettable holiday

Best Times: June -  October

The Aegean sea is the area of the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Turkey. There are 11 main islands in the the Aegean: Thassos, Samothraki, Limnos, Agios, Efstratios, Lesbos, Chios, Oinouses, Psara, Samos, Icaria, and Fournoi.

Sailing the Aegean is an idyllic voyage in blue waters, ancient history and rich culture. Chartering on a private yacht in the Aegean sea of Greece is all about relaxation and pleasure. Whether the gentle sea breezes that rarely get above a Force 5 or the stunning scenery and sea, you will be soothed by all you see and feel in this stunning part of the Greek Mediterranean.

Where in July and August on the Aegean the sailing can verge on the extreme, you can comfortably sail out to sea on the Aegean on most days. All crew members will enjoy sailing on IRIS and the long lunches with the local cuisine on the major islands of the region, while the children will love the beaches and walks through the countryside.


Best Times: May - October.

Thassos (Greek: Θάσος, Thásos), the island of the Sirens, offers you as many options as there are colours in the blues of the sea and sky, the greens of the trees and the golden hues of the sandy beaches. Thasos is also the name of the largest town of the island (officially known as Limenas Thasou, "Port of Thasos"), situated at the northern side. Thassos island is known from ancient times for its termae making it a climatic and balneoclimateric resort area. Thassos is characterized by its high peeks, busy taverns and lofty pines. 

Be sure to see the ancient agora; the sanctuaries of Herakles, Dionysos, Artemis and Poseidon, the Acropolis with its incredible view and the 5th century BC theatre – all testament to the island’s long history.Join us on these 3 and 4 day sailing cruises to experience unforgettable, private sunsets!

Samothraki - Limnos

Best Times: May - October.

Samothraki island is referred to as the Island of the Great Gods is adorned with Mount Saos, the highest mountain in the Aegean. The island with its steep peaks, ancient legends, pebbly beaches,  streams and rivers, famous springs and archaeological finds are just what explorers and adventure lovers could ever wish for.

Further south are Limnos and the island of Hephaestus, the Aegean’s eighth largest island.  Here you will find a petrified forest, a castle, tame deer, traditional villages that resemble amazing paintings, rich history, vibrant nightlife, sites that are lost in the mists of time, and over 100 beaches.

Here you can enjoy tasty lunch or dinner after your sailing in one of the many fish taverns. Agios Joiannis, Fanari, Spillia and Barbarezou are the most visited beaches here, but their virginity isn't lost. 

Northern Sporades

Best Times: May - October.

The Northern Sporades are an archipelago along the east coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea. They consist of 24 islands, four of which are permanently inhabited: Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros.

Dense vegetation, rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas: a uniquely alternative destination.

Sail to Skiathos to discover its hidden beauties. Did you know that the island of Alonissos is home to the Mediterranean Monk Seal (: monachus monachus), one of the biggest seal species?

Are you a movie fan? Trace the paths of the exciting film “Mamma Mia”! Yes, the amazing chapel on the rocks (where the wedding ceremony took place) really exists! It’s “Saint Ioannis Chapel” in Skópelos!

Come island-hopping in a paradise island complex with IRIS!

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