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The Company

Maritime Company for Pleasure Yachting

Matern Yachting M.C.P.Y. is a commercial charter company established in 2019 in Greece. We operate our own Bali 4.1 Catamaran named IRIS after the Greek Goddess. We started our first charter season in April 2020 in the Northern Aegean Sea region. Our company is a legal entity, special purpose company - Maritime Company for Pleasure Yachts (NEPA) for managing leisure yachts under the Greek flag and operating with a Greek commercial license. Iris is berthed at harbour Volos in Greece.

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BALI Catamarans
Catana Group

With its spacious design, an optimum level of self sufficiency and innovative ideas, Bali Catamarans provide new pleasurable experiences to yachtsmen that are seeking to find something new and want to realize their dreams of owning their own yacht.

BALI catamarans range is such a new and innovative catamaran design. Two of the BALI most significant and distinctive design features are the solid foredeck and the “garage door” concept.

Follow Your Dream
...and it will come true

We are the Materns - Peter, Silvia, Sofia and Ellie, a family from Bulgaria, who in 2016 decided to follow their dream of buying a catamaran. Our ultimate goal was to buy a catamaran and place it in a crewed charter program as owner operators.

We have already done a very deep research on which boat to buy to comply best with comfort, luxury, safety, performance, price and space! We test sailed catamarans, visited the Boat Expo in Duesseldorf, led many negotiations with dealer and voila... It's no secret no more!

We ordered our Bali 4.1 and we sailed it ourselves from it's production line in Cap Bonn, Tunisia to Lefkada, Greece in the summer of 2019. Our beautiful BALI 4.1 cataraman is named IRIS, after the Greek goddess of the Rainbow.

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